Mark Sole

Neal Wolin

Mark Sole has over 30 years’ management experience in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor to early and mid-stage startups. Mark led a team at PayPal to study the potential movement into the commercial payments business, which lead to the founding of Sipree. He is also the co-founder of two prior startups, SiteMaker, an Internet systems consulting firm during the earliest days of the Web, and Trellis Management Advisors, LLC, an asset management firm utilizing a patents-pending platform to manage assets on person-to-person lending marketplaces. He has advised and invested in multiple startups including NitroSecurity, Applied Identity, Scale8, SpeedGauge and is responsible for partnerships with Symantec, Cisco, Microsoft, RSA and Nokia among others. Mark is active in San Francisco public policy with SPUR, CityCarShare and East Bay Habitat for Humanity. He earned his BA from Gonzaga University and did graduate work at the UC Berkeley Haas-MIMS program.