Kenan Rodrigues

Kenan Rodrigues

Kenan Rodrigues is a New York-based Partner at Oliver Wyman. He is a member of the firm’s Financial Services and Digital practices. Kenan has over 15 years of management consulting and IT advisory experience focused primarily on the financial services industry.

Kenan has advised leading banks, wealth managers, insurance companies and private equity firms on a broad set of topics spanning business, digital, data, operations, and technology strategy. Sample engagements include:

  • Client experience transformation for a regional US bank
  • End-to-end credit process digitization for a commercial lender
  • Enterprise data strategy for a super-regional US bank
  • Operations performance management for a retail and commercial bank  
  • Enterprise outsourcing and location strategy for a diversified financial institution
  • Technology strategy for a North American financial institution
  • Architecture modernization strategy for a North American universal bank
  • Agile transformation and scaling strategy for a North American universal bank

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Kenan was a Manager in Capgemini’s Transformation Consulting practice, where he led several business transformation and reengineering engagements. Formerly, Kenan worked at Wipro and then Oracle, managing technology modernization, system integration and outsourcing engagements.

Kenan has authored multiple Oliver Wyman papers including “The Future of Technology in Mortgage Originations”, “Enhanced Performance Management in Retail Banking Operations”, “Client Experience – From Strategy to Execution” and “The Complexity Imperative.”

Kenan holds an MBA in Strategic Management from Emory University, a Masters in Management from Mumbai University and a B.Sc. in Physics from Mumbai University.