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Brett Smiley

Brett is a seasoned business manager with nearly 20 years experience working in Financial Services, Media, and Consulting organizations across three different continents. The common thread in his career is his success in defining client requirements, developing solutions, and delivering on ambitious targets for an array of businesses that range from small enterprise technology startups, to top-tier media and finance-related conglomerates. For the last nine years, Brett has focused his efforts on the ever-growing Governance, Risk, and Compliance space where his clients are looking to navigate the consistent change in regulations, survive the increased scrutiny of watchdogs, and above all else, manage their risk strategies to be compliant but fiscally savvy. In other words, empowering compliance professionals to understand what is required of them, streamline compliance processes, maximize the relevant and reliable data insights that can be sourced through modern innovation, and make it sustainable.

Brett started his career at AXA Investments where he managed the Platform Transition team, helping financial advisors run their businesses more efficiently with optimized model portfolios and consolidated investment structures. After relocating to NYC in 2007, Brett was on Wall Street during a tumultuous time as Regional Head of global markets training company, Fitch Learning, employed to work with the world’s largest banks to re-educate and re-validate go-to-market strategies, redefine global market principles, and develop the next generation of traders and bank employees.

Working at PwC in 2011 in the Global Headquarters in NYC, the Consumer Finance Practice had a big focus on compliance and regulation, and spawned Brett’s interest with events like the creation of the CFPB, and advising financial clients about how to manage their federally-enforced government consent orders requiring them to re-construct mortgage origination, and their use of mortgage-backed securities. This led to a transformational four-years at Thomson Reuters where Brett managed the Risk Screening specialists across the US and Canada presenting the gold-standard of AML/Sanctions/KYC products through WorldCheck, IntegraScreen, and Org ID.

In 2017, frustrated from lack of innovation, Brett created the US branch of ComplyAdvantage in NYC, who are pioneers in the use of AI, NLP, and Machine Learning in fighting financial crime. Brett has a deep-rooted desire to drive protection against financial crime, terrorist financing, modern day slavery, and child slave labor. Not just placate it.