Arjan Schütte

Arjan Schütte

Arjan Schütte is the founder and a managing partner of Core Innovation Capital, a leading venture capital fund investing in financial services companies that empower everyday Americans. His investments include Oportun, Ripple, CoverHound, and TIO Networks.

Arjan is a passionate advocate for market-based financial inclusion. He blogs for Forbes, and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and The Economist, among others. He is regularly invited to speak, including at SXSW, the White House, Stanford, Harvard and MIT.

Arjan is a Senior Advisor to the Center for Financial Services Innovation, which he helped start in 2004. Arjan also serves on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Advisory Board.

A number of Arjan’s investments have been successfully acquired, including AccountNow (by Green Dot), CircleLending (by Virgin Group), L2C (by TransUnion), RentBureau (by Experian), and TIO Networks (by PayPal).

He is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco.